Tacoma Trauma is a women’s full contact football team located in Tacoma, Washington.


The Trauma plays by male Division One NCAA rules.


Chances are you didn’t know women’s full contact football has existed in Washington.  Since 2002 until 2006 the only team in Washington was located in Tacoma.


When that team, formerly known as, the Tacoma Majestics moved to Seattle the City of Tacoma and the South Sound were left without a team until 2012 when the Trauma was started by Jennifer and Brandi Ockenfels.


Since that time, Tacoma Trauma has been steadily building a strong South Sound team.  This season Trauma will be sporting a predominately female coaching staff.  All our coaches are prior players and have a large knowledge base to build a strong team.

The goal of the Trauma organization is to establish a championship caliber team in Tacoma while promoting women’s full contact football in a positive manner.


Over the last four seasons, Tacoma Trauma has seen a fair share of players switching teams and new talent just waiting to be discovered.  Tacoma once again has the priviledge of a rookie squad made up of determined athletes and veteran players ready to get back to a winning season.


The Trauma plays in the very strong American Conference Pacific North Division of the Woman's Football Alliance (WFA).


It's regular season competitors are the Everett Reign,

Portland Fighting Shockwave, Seattle Majestics, and Southern Oregon Lady 'Gades.


2018 is seeing a very different Tacoma Trauma coaching staff. Head Coach Michel Volk is a seasoned QB and brings her knowledge and experience to a team that has been more of a defensive team.  Offensive coordinator Crystal "Airforce" Sanderson is an amazing running back in her own right.  She brings her passion to help fire up the backfield.  Campy Campolo was with us last year also as our Defensive coordinator.  Campy, a linebacker when she played, had the joy of playing for Team USA for the gold medal.  Ese Sesepesara, our line coach, brings experience on both the O line and the D line.  Brian Cammock is our assistant defensive coordinator.  His coaching compliments  Coach Campy's style. Looking to keep our defense a strong unit.  Nic Anderson is our Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Nic has been working with the players since September at his gym Crossfit Decimus.


We are a team of players for players!